Mission Statement

Our Mission:

To love Jesus and help others love Him too.

Our purpose:

– Led by the Holy Spirit, we are called to worship God,

– Love our neighbors as ourselves, and

– Inspire others to seek Jesus and

– Experience God’s grace in their lives.

Our Motto:

Grace makes a world of difference.

Our Vision:

Grace Lutheran is a Christian church dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to a diverse community by loving out neighbors as ourselves, developing vibrant ministries to meet current and emerging needs, and helping people know Jesus.

Grace is a congregation striving to know and love Jesus, to grow into discipleship, to worship with passion, and to love and serve each other, the stranger, and all those in need. We recognize that all are God’s children and commit ourselves to reach out to all whom we encounter in our daily lives. We strive to provide diverse opportunities for worshipping, learning, and serving the needs of our members and all others.
We follow Jesus’ example for making disciples and enhancing our ministries:

 We build relationships. We grow together by worshipping, praying, learning, serving – reaching out to others via groups both large and small and other available avenues – and having fun together. We invite all to share in this spiritual journey.

 We build a foundation of prayer to guide our journey, providing and seeking opportunities for prayer together and individually.

 We build a deepening understanding of Jesus and our calling, offering a variety of learning experiences for all ages.

 We serve those in need, both among Grace’s people and the wider community, seeking to meet the needs of all.

 We give with extravagant generosity of ourselves, our spiritual gifts and talents, and our financial resources to enable Grace’s mission of sharing Jesus’ love and message.