Welcome to Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, a part of the Southeastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), which witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Oak Ridge community and the world.

This community of disciples has worshiped, prayed, praised and given thanks to God through the rich heritage of Lutheran teaching, traditions and Christian service. They have supported each other in difficult times and celebrated with each other in joyful times. They have provided children a place where their faith can flourish and their self-image is built upon the love of Jesus. They have worked together that justice and compassion may be expressed in our ministries and lives may be touched and transformed in our congregation, community and world.

We are on a spiritual journey together as imperfect people who are still learning and growing into the people God intends. We are thankful for the past, excited about the present, and expectant of a wonderful future as the Holy Spirit guides us. We continue to invite, welcome and involve all people that they may experience the grace that we have received. If you are looking for a Christian community, need to hear good news, have a place to use your spiritual gifts to the glory of God and want to grow in God’s love, we invite you to experience the gospel with those who believe that Grace makes a world of difference.